The 2012 Tournament is to raise funds for Word & Deed's Pengharapan Children's Home in Sumba, Indonesia.  $52,000 is needed!

The home was established by Bill and Marion Sommer, who originally traveled to the arid region of Sumba to build a well and to construct some public restrooms. While there, they were faced with the needs of the children of that area – dozens of unwanted children were being abandoned and left to die. They took several into their small bamboo home. Soon, a children’s home was begun (Pengharapan - Hope).  They continued to receive children who were being abandoned and left to die by the local people and in 2006 they built an addition on to the existing home. 

There are now 75 children living in the home.

The objectives of the Pengharapan Children’s Home are as follows:

  • Provide a home for children who are abandoned to die (75 children currently/17 staff)
  • Provide daily meals for orphans
  • The children will receive daily Bible instruction and attend worship services each Sunday.
  • School age children will go to school
  • All children will be involved in helping at the home and in the community
  • Seek local community and church involvement and support for the home
  • Seek options to reduce the foreign portion of the cost of the home and possible local family care for abandoned children.