Help Needed!

We are looking for help in the following areas:

- Help us advertise the event!  You can download a flyer to print or email from the "Forms" page.  Invite your Facebook friends to this event: Click here to view Facebook Event

- Put together a team & be a team leader: registration form here!

- Be a player & get sponsors: email us for your sponsor form & letter to get started!

- Kids Play Area/Activities: we are looking for someone to take charge of organizing some activities for the kids, and getting helpers to assist them

- Breakfast & Lunch:  work with the concession contractor, and get food donations to offset costs

- First Aid:  do you have a first aid ticket?  We're looking for volunteers to help out if there are any injuries.  Also looking for donations of bandages, etc.

- Silent Auction/Prizes: we would like to raise more money by having a Silent Auction.  Can you organize this?  Approach businesses for donations, work with team leaders and players to get items donated, pickup donations and set up an auction table at the tournament.

 - Photographers: We'd love to have your photos to post on the website and possibly use in Word & Deed's magazine or to promote next year's event.

- Admin Assistant:  looking for someone to help Willetta with registrations, etc.


- see NEWS above - please contact us if you'd still like to register a team

- teams are not considered registered until the completed form and at least 50% of registration fee are received

- our suggestion is that you approach a business to sponsor your team by paying the registration fee.  Then your players will be free to collect sponsors & sponsor themselves.  Contact us to get a sponsorship request letter you can use to get sponsors.

- each team must be a minimum of 10 players and maximum of 15 players. 
All teams must carry three females on their roster.
All team members, including females must bat.
When playing defense there must be at least two females on the field.

- we will be having a meeting at the beginning of September to go over the tournament schedule, rules, etc.  All team leaders and umpires are asked to attend the meeting.

- each team leader must have their roster of players into us first thing on tournament day.  Any person not listed on the roster may not play in any game.  All players playing in the finals must have played at least two games on tournament day on that team.  (No fill-in players, no new players).